Making small spaces look nice is an art and needs a lot of planning and thinking. Granny flats or Home can be made stylish and functional with some deliberation and help from an expert on granny flat designs.

Take time to plan the design, décor, and furnishing of the area in a way that you maximize the space that is available.

Some tips for designing a Home in Sydney

Here are some tips which you can use to maximize the space available in a granny flat and make it look nice and comfy.

Design and build:

  • If there is an empty area that is unusable, try to do something with it. You may consider adding shelves or a cupboard and creating some storage space.
  • High ceilings are a great way to make the space feel bigger, if you can lift the height of your ceilings, the space will feel bigger and you will also be able to add overhead storage.
  • Maximize your kitchen space by adding elements like a lazy-susan or a floating kitchen bench.
  • Use neutral tones for cabinetry and maximize reflective surfaces to leverage the natural light to the maximum.
  • Create as much storage space as possible, a smaller flat does not necessarily mean that the need for storage will be low.
  • Build as many windows as possible so that you increase the natural light.
  • Use sliding doors wherever possible as these take up much lesser space than hinged doors.
  • Plan the outdoor landscape well so that your granny flat seems welcoming.
  • Add some outdoor seating, it is almost like adding an additional room to the flat.

Home Décor:

  • Do not over-decorate as that creates clutter and makes the space feel small. Keep the décor simple.
  • Add some plants that purify the air and keep the roof fresh. Plants add a fresh feeling to life. You must choose the right ones, as overgrown ones will add to the clutter.
  • Use lamps where the ceiling lights don’t reach, this will light up the dark spaces and an illuminated space obviously feels bigger.
  • Mirrors are a great way of creating the illusion of additional space. Place these strategically opposite a window, and they will create an illusion of another additional light source or window.
  • Floating shelves are a great alternative to artwork. They give you storage space and you can add art pieces as per your choice.


  • Buy smart furniture that is multipurpose or space friendly. Furniture pieces with hidden storage are a great choice and so are modular furniture.
  • Though it sounds counterintuitive, having small or scanty furniture in a small room emphasizes its smallness and makes it look tiny. So, you must furnish the room properly.
  • Plan the placement of your furniture. Strategically placing the furniture can help cover any unsightly elements and can also help you create zones, which makes the space look more spacious and less cluttered.

If you are building a granny flat and want to style it up, the above tips can be very helpful. For more expertise, you should hire a specialist who understands granny flat and Home décor and furnishing.


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