Many prefer keeping your passion alive by not converting it into a profession. You can keep your hobby specifically recreational, by earning a private pilot’s license when it comes to flying. It keeps you in the skies when you don’t want to practice the commercial pilot stream. You may fly a single-engine aircraft anywhere on the continent for recreational purposes. Further, you can fly anywhere in the world as the private pilot license is recognized internationally. Thus, it gives you the wings to use your skills and passion for flying in the sky. Sydney Flying is the best place to earn your private pilot license. Let us explore the course and other details.

Private Pilot License Training

Before starting the training, it is essential to note the importance of the private pilot license. First, it is a mandatory step in getting a commercial pilot license. If you wish to color your flying dreams into a career, you must have a private pilot license. The pilot’s license gives you the freedom to cover shorter distances using our single-engine aircraft. It works best on runways or water-connected areas. Nothing matches the experience of your first solo flight that is unforgettable for many. You will be handling the best-in-class machinery; subsequently, you need to get proper training for this joyful ride.

The private pilot license training course’s duration is between 4 months to 4.5 months.  The eligibility for getting enrolled in this course is the completion of 17 years of age at the start of the course. Further, you must be comfortable going to the Australian Federal Police check to get your aviation security identity card (ASIC). You must complete the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)’s class 2 aviation medical with no red zones. Proficiency in English is another mandate. There are multiple ways to ensure your ability in English like CASA-approved general English language course, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, equivalent to Australian secondary education, or work experience of a minimum of three years.

Pilot License

Once you’re set with the eligibility, it is time to move to the pilots’ license course modules. You have to study the books of the recreational pilot license course and private pilot license as well. These books are best taught by our seasoned professionals who themselves have conquered the skies.

The flying part of the course is the most attractive and essential element. We benefit you with 58 hours of dual flight training and 10 hours of solo flight training. All these trainings will equip you to observe all rules, radio work, airmanship, etc. Further, you will be able to navigate, divert the aircraft and most importantly demonstrate these skills in your private pilot’s license test.

Owning the license now, you will be able to run the flight in the day. Thus, you can fly yourself and your passengers to any location. This license further adds credits to your commercial license if you wish to do so.

Private Pilot License Sydney

It is tough to choose your flying partner when it comes to a private pilot license in Sydney. We are committed to delivering successful private pilots. How do we achieve it? We have the best instructors, the best theory material, and highly modern aircraft for dual and solo flight training. Teaching by experience is our specialty.


The cost of the private pilot license is little more than 28,000 Australian dollars. We further offer multiple benefits that don’t attract any extra charges.

Are you ready to fly? Contact Sydney Flying today to gain your private license. We have realized the dreams of many successful private pilots. Reach us on our website for enjoying the best services.


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